A lunchtime saviour

Nestled in the shadow of Blackfriars railway arches, is my busy-day-lunch saviour.

Flying Fish Sushi is an independent outfit that delivers freshly made sushi, dim sum and other oriental delights to central London locations. Or if, like me, you work around the South Bank area, you can pop by and collect your haul too.

The retail and office spaces under the railway arches are pretty industrial, but I’m always impressed by how the companies that inhabit them turn them into cosy, quirky spots that are full of character.  

Although Flying Fish is predominantly a takeaway, it’s still made an effort with its ‘front of house’ area so that you can pull up one of the eclectic pews and eat in too.


On this occasion I went for:

the pork dumplings, 


Teriyaki salmon salad

crab and mango 
crystal rolls  


chicken Panko
(I was hungry, okay?!)

A crunchy carrot and Chinese radish salad accompanies the dumplings and dipping sauces, wasabi and ginger are all thrown in.

If I'm forced to have a desk-based lunch, I'll order online, specify a collection time (within a 20 minute slot) and pop down to pick up a freshly made, reasonably priced, rainbow of a meal. It beats an insipid canteen sandwich hands down. 


September New Beginnings

September.  New schools, new Uni's, new jobs, new jumpers. 

It's a month for change, for new beginnings and what a perfect month it is.  Much more preferable to starting a new than January, without those feelings of overindulgence-induced guilt followed by collective sacrifice.  

The summer's drawing to a close and the Olympics and Paralympics have sparked dreams of greatness and achievement. With relatively long evenings and sunny mornings to lift the mood, there's no better time to put a bit of effort into chasing your dreams and passions.

Maybe you've finally decided to put the wheels of that business idea in motion, or maybe these are the first steps towards a healthier and happier you. 

Whatever your reasons for a new beginning, here's a little bit of motivation to help you on your way.